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Alteration Services

Our professional alteration consultants will measure you to make sure you look perfect for your wedding. All dresses are not made to your exact size and will require some minor alterations. Pricing depends on your specific measurements and the type of dress and material. Below is a general pricing guide for general alterations. All alterations require an appointment made in store at least 48 hours in advance.

Take in/out sides

Take in/out sides with sleeves

Take in/out sides on skirt

Take in through zipper

Take in through zipper with loops and buttons

Take in princess seam

Add bra cups

Add corset back

Reshape/restyle neckline


Cut edge

Shorten from waistline and re-shape skirt

Remove train, plain

Remove train, lace

Raise shoulders

Shorten sleeves

Shorten straps (both sides)

Take in/let out sleeves

Raise shoulders with sleeves

Reduce/narrow shoulders

Cut down/reshape armhole

Add wrist loop for train

Over Bustle (first three pts)

Each point after three

Under Bustle (first three pts)

Each point after three

$60 and up 

$80 and up  

$50 and up 



$60 and up 


$100 and up

$75 and up

$35 per hour

$40 each and up

$150 and up

$40 each layer 

$50 each layer 


$45 and up


$40 and up

$70 and up

$60 and up

$50 and up


$60 and up

$10 and up

$6and up

$10 and up

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